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Your own messenger!

All internal communication of your employees
is fully protected and stored only on your server.

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Your own messenger!
Advantages of AURA

Advantages of AURA

  • Easy installation "out of the box" on your server or server rental from us.
  • All messages are encrypted with end-to-end encryption and stored on the server in an encrypted form.
  • All communication of any employee, group, or the entire company can be deleted with just one click.

Additional Features

  • Voice communication, high-quality video conferences, and document forwarding.
  • Your own company's internal currency for rewarding employees and bonus allocation.
  • Advanced personal profile settings for each employee.
Additional Features
Risks of popular messengers

Risks of popular messengers

  • These products are controlled by commercial companies, all data is stored on their servers, and you don't know who has access to your data.
  • Companies comply with legislation and can block both your account personally and their entire service.
  • As they say, "if you don't pay for the product, you are the product." Companies sell user data for advertising targeting, which is no secret.

What makes AURA different

  • The server that manages the operation of your own messenger is located with you. You can run the program on your own hardware in the office or on rented hosting.
  • All messages on the server are stored in encrypted form. Even if a third party gains access to this data, it is impossible to decrypt it, as the keys to each correspondence are only held by the participants of that correspondence. And since it is your own server, you can see all this data yourself and be sure that it is fully protected.
What makes AURA different
  • The messenger operates on an open-source protocol. This means that the server's operation excludes the possibility of compromising functionality. The code is open, and your specialists can inspect it.

How it Works

Our messenger works on the decentralized Matrix message transmission protocol. This protocol was developed to standardize messenger operations.

Currently, you cannot send a message from WhatsApp to Telegram or from Viber to WeChat. Matrix is designed to change this situation.

For example, there is a single protocol for email operations, and there are many clients. You can send an email from your mailbox to GMail, and the recipient can read it in Microsoft Outlook and reply to you.

The same applies to the internet. There is a single protocol, but you can view websites in both Google Chrome and Safari.

There is currently no universal protocol for messengers, which is inconvenient. Obviously, sooner or later, such a protocol will be adopted by all market participants, and currently, Matrix is the leader in this direction with a user base of 30 million people.

Unlike WhatsApp or Telegram, any user in the Matrix network can set up their own server and either communicate with a closed group of people through this server or connect to the shared network.

In AURA Business Messenger, we use the first option. You set up your own server, and your employees communicate through it.

Personal and Group Chats, Voice and Video Calls

Familiar interface for communication. Everything is like in WhatsApp or
Telegram, but it works on your server.

Built-in Cryptocurrency Wallet

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